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The following is a list of the current top ranked players in the server. As symbols are reloaded on server restart, please note that symbol holders may not always be ranked in this list as per their symbol.

Karus | Global | El Morad

NameClanLevelNPLast updated
1 lazyhien PunaniLover702,677,39412 hours ago
2 YosemiteSam PunaniLover702,185,4962 months ago
3 elppiN PunaniLover702,077,3912 weeks ago
4 ALize Extreme Leader Team™701,846,09813 hours ago
5 VAN:GUARD PunaniLover701,636,97412 hours ago
6 Giraffeee PendaWee2Lovers701,606,63912 hours ago
7 IbladeI PunaniLover701,436,4712 months ago
8 Malevolent 1st_Mage_Regiment701,313,4256 days ago
9 RaffaelloGiovagnoli; SAMSENG701,271,1673 days ago
10 Ashina TheRulers™701,244,4852 hours ago
11 maloc PendaWee2Lovers701,197,0997 days ago
12 King_of_Ottoman Extreme Leader Team™701,175,6433 hours ago
13 KaW-701,122,32118 hours ago
14 ::VENOM:: PunaniLover701,112,9022 days ago
15 ViceglacheL-70988,4713 weeks ago
16 BOZ PendaWee2Lovers70964,5003 weeks ago
17 WoX 70928,7222 months ago
18 eviLstealer Inseparables70917,6733 hours ago
19 time2paybackBlackLabel70844,8504 weeks ago
20 DarknessPhoenix Fr3nF0r3ver70775,8923 weeks ago
21 Clefairy Mesmerize™70761,0189 months ago
22 PisangOrBanana-70759,0156 hours ago
23 93 PendaWee2Lovers70753,4295 days ago
24 Lordxander 1st_Mage_Regiment70726,0118 months ago
25 Charizard; MÅB0K™70717,8536 months ago
26 ELT_TheLeader Extreme Leader Team™70688,8372 days ago
27 STAGECREW BoycottIsraelProduct70685,6734 months ago
28 SaiyuRoN Mesmerize™70674,594over a year ago
29 WaK 70632,4695 days ago
30 HKC 70630,0595 months ago
31 ReIaRoxxor PunaniLover70622,9586 hours ago
32 Cosinus Revolutionaries™70622,4673 months ago
33 Cubone;-70621,5047 months ago
34 Show_Tim3_X PunaniLover70610,11512 hours ago
35 ELT_FataLStroke Extreme Leader Team™70577,3652 hours ago
36 anniHILation PendaWee2Lovers69563,9212 weeks ago
37 Genesls PunaniLover70562,5774 days ago
38 TazmanianDevil PunaniLover70559,2363 days ago
39 DarkPriest SAMSENG70557,97116 hours ago
40 JuZMisS-70555,9335 months ago
41 _Tinkerbell_-70526,5464 months ago
42 lamMlchlyOFight_2_Round70517,9433 days ago
43 MetalAnCirhanPiranha Revolutionaries™70516,90420 hours ago
44 SharpSoniCPoop69513,767over a year ago
45 Theodore:J:Detweiler TheRulers™70504,4735 hours ago
46 ironqp-70502,0332 months ago
47 XidazRoxxor-69499,0183 months ago
48 NurulAiniNCute-70492,7034 days ago
49 Ninetales; PokemonMasters™70477,163over a year ago
50 Gato w00t70465,90419 hours ago
51 Nywyn-70465,7204 days ago
52 Criminal Smackdown70460,1953 months ago
53 xautumn-70446,2292 months ago
54 McQie NUSANTARA70445,3673 days ago
55 RUSTEME:ZAL BoycottIsraelProduct70440,76815 hours ago
56 TheComandante Secondary70438,420over a year ago
57 Acnologiia Extreme Leader Team™70434,2453 hours ago
58 SUIQAST PunaniLover70432,2774 weeks ago
59 VON SAMSENG69424,6306 months ago
60 DarkslayerZ _seafarerslifeZ_70414,1036 months ago
61 Dexas Ruff Ryders70412,53815 minutes ago
62 ::GUNDALA:: Family1st70407,1957 minutes ago
63 WW2 PunaniLover70405,0004 weeks ago
64 Kadazankillerba Sin70403,4623 months ago
65 EMaxFTW Mesmerize™70400,737over a year ago
66 BigX Mesmerize™70398,0913 weeks ago
67 ALotHasChangeD TheRulers™70396,1112 days ago
68 clonex 70393,5995 months ago
69 RealIyMeh PunaniLover70380,69514 hours ago
70 TyroneBiggums-70368,7792 months ago
71 ExDeviL¶Big_Kontol½70367,0792 months ago
72 Genesis TheRulers™70361,48820 hours ago
73 _GhoStKiLleR_ _seafarerslifeZ_69361,4447 months ago
74 Ahmede_Xani BoycottIsraelProduct70360,7405 hours ago
75 ec-70354,0637 days ago
76 Sylvester-69345,4336 days ago
77 MILDMonrooe Return Army™70343,1782 weeks ago
78 YeN EmmaMaemBong69339,23723 hours ago
79 SnowRaven PunaniLover70338,76023 hours ago
80 DraGunoV BoycottIsraelProduct70338,1423 days ago
81 Fight4Freedom-70335,7407 days ago
82 SheeT PunaniLover70334,6961 hour ago
83 FoghornLeghorn-70329,7124 months ago
84 97-70323,6513 weeks ago
85 BillGates Fr3nF0r3ver70321,1893 weeks ago
86 ELT_Ice_DragonS Extreme Leader Team™70320,5032 hours ago
87 IAmReIaRoxxor-70320,1562 months ago
88 LordGodo-70319,048over a year ago
89 lAMBadBadBoY-70317,3534 months ago
90 ValkyrieXx-69315,4562 months ago
91 TonyChopper w00t70310,44321 hours ago
92 IAmEMax-70308,743over a year ago
93 Baba_Lurtz Extreme Leader Team™70307,1612 days ago
94 Spyder333 PunaniLover70305,0992 months ago
95 YellowPages-70305,059over a year ago
96 MarcoReus-70301,3703 weeks ago
97 Someone Extreme Leader Team™70300,9353 weeks ago
98 wvvwwvvwwvvvvwwwvvww-70298,1542 months ago
99 GuiltyCrime BloodBrothers70296,487over a year ago
100 DarknessDragon Fr3nF0r3ver70296,4162 days ago
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