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The following is a list of the current top ranked players in the server. As symbols are reloaded on server restart, please note that symbol holders may not always be ranked in this list as per their symbol.

Karus | Global | El Morad

NameClanLevelNPLast updated
1 ChristinaElizebeth NoobButStrong™72705,8064 days ago
2 DarknessPhoenix DarknessEmpire72662,5999 minutes ago
3 MR48 NoobButStrong™72544,7632 days ago
4 DarknessDragon DarknessEmpire72535,38410 minutes ago
5 VR46 DarknessEmpire72500,0742 days ago
6 aCx NoobButStrong™72443,5056 minutes ago
7 XSHINX DarknessEmpire72434,6923 days ago
8 mEdUsALegendary72422,5659 minutes ago
9 ToBeOrNotToBe HeavyTurks™72408,1722 weeks ago
10 AmmeltzYokoYoko I_Am72399,16525 minutes ago
11 SilverSurfer I_Am72392,9162 seconds ago
12 RSproCombo I_Am72372,5282 minutes ago
13 miLegendary72329,7993 days ago
14 ImBigZero Death_Templars72326,6202 days ago
15 MD Zouk_Club™72324,9144 weeks ago
16 MassacreConspiracy I_Am72322,0273 hours ago
17 ATMACA DarknessEmpire72311,3893 minutes ago
18 N00B I_Am72308,9102 hours ago
19 Wat3v4 NoobButStrong™72306,7533 days ago
20 YamamotoKazuo NoobButStrong™72294,4922 days ago
21 HwoarangHero Death_Templars72259,16215 hours ago
22 Rhun I_Am72257,6603 hours ago
23 NOMONEYNOH0NEYRest_In_Peace72243,6464 weeks ago
24 GULPEMPE Leveling72237,2144 hours ago
25 CyValenTinSLegendary72236,5096 minutes ago
26 SuperPandaLegendary72228,18514 minutes ago
27 ZeroMaX DarknessEmpire72225,62310 minutes ago
28 Genesls I_Am71222,0473 minutes ago
29 Rainn NoobButStrong™72214,7321 hour ago
30 AhJibGorLegendary71213,26043 minutes ago
31 SofiaMiracle72210,6552 weeks ago
32 MaxxXLegendary72208,5622 hours ago
33 CherryOnIceLegendary71197,5803 hours ago
34 IbladeI AFK™72194,6446 minutes ago
35 YoloMcSwagger NoobButStrong™71187,6556 days ago
36 GG Familia™72187,6432 months ago
37 Malevolent Death_Templars72183,7237 days ago
38 digiLegendary72181,3354 minutes ago
39 BoomBastiC-72180,1084 months ago
40 NurulaininCute NoobButStrong™72175,5522 weeks ago
41 SSG08 AFK™72173,4894 weeks ago
42 Megumi DarknessEmpire72168,9354 minutes ago
43 KenNy AFK™72166,43129 minutes ago
44 NotSoBad GodMode72165,0202 months ago
45 4Raju AFK™72163,90817 hours ago
46 LazyMadafaker ChocoStarFish72154,61217 hours ago
47 Lord_of_priest AFK™71152,24431 minutes ago
48 John_RockLegendary72151,7692 hours ago
49 IMBAwArrioR-72149,8763 days ago
50 SHOOOOOOOWKillingsMyJob70149,3274 weeks ago
51 NaughtyJokerR Zouk_Club™72138,4236 hours ago
52 Ahmede_Xani DarknessEmpire72137,3835 seconds ago
53 ISharpMageI-71136,8418 minutes ago
54 SirKaoS NoobButStrong™72135,6236 days ago
55 Kitty I_Am72133,3175 weeks ago
56 Nami DarknessEmpire71131,3114 weeks ago
57 JOE-72130,5832 weeks ago
58 SilverMania NoobButStrong™71130,2592 weeks ago
59 KuttaL AFK™72130,0152 weeks ago
60 Pokoyo NoobButStrong™72129,5017 days ago
61 ChacTaoVoDoi DarknessEmpire71126,86921 hours ago
62 CaptainHurricane I_Am72126,77923 hours ago
63 NobodyLovesMe Humanity72126,3742 weeks ago
64 inFamous Humanity72126,2403 months ago
65 MAHSER GodMode72124,0593 weeks ago
66 Ameerz AFK™72123,59415 hours ago
67 Amadeus NoobButStrong™72123,0063 weeks ago
68 Thirteen I_Am72120,53613 hours ago
69 VulpinaLegendary72120,1881 hour ago
70 MrWoof Death_Templars72119,0338 minutes ago
71 VozWalker Death_Templars72118,9592 days ago
72 Xidaz-72117,8452 months ago
73 OberynMartell-72117,1007 days ago
74 BolaLuDepanLuKing DarknessEmpire72117,0913 days ago
75 AbuAzrael-72116,3222 months ago
76 RaizeL DarknessEmpire71113,7873 days ago
77 GhostOfPain HereComesTheBoom71112,6524 months ago
78 PinG NoobButStrong™71110,8872 weeks ago
79 _HULK_ DarknessEmpire72109,37912 minutes ago
80 Mei30 I_Am72109,3447 days ago
81 GromHellScream-71108,4833 weeks ago
82 Attila-72106,9834 weeks ago
83 98Legendary72106,8239 hours ago
84 kuffmanLegendary71106,4733 hours ago
85 Videex GodMode72100,3572 months ago
86 Helper DarknessEmpire72100,2863 days ago
87 Hattab HeavyTurks™72100,2053 weeks ago
88 lSonsOfAnarchyl AFK™72100,07912 minutes ago
89 MountainKingFX I_Am7298,2672 days ago
90 TheLivingLegend AFK™7293,9502 hours ago
91 NoobAlwaysFlyLegendary7293,3844 hours ago
92 UnnamedVenom I_Am7293,27657 seconds ago
93 RulinG AFK™7292,6861 hour ago
94 4Odi-7191,9453 months ago
95 Fatih_Sultan_Mehmet NoobButStrong™7291,2974 days ago
96 Lacus_ClyneLegendary7091,12416 hours ago
97 FX I_Am7290,25810 minutes ago
98 Jno GodMode7289,8262 months ago
99 uRb4llz NoobButStrong™7289,5212 days ago
100 Equinox Reign7289,4712 months ago
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