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The following is a list of the current top ranked players in the server. As symbols are reloaded on server restart, please note that symbol holders may not always be ranked in this list as per their symbol.

Karus | Global | El Morad

NameClanLevelNPLast updated
1 aCxValhalla72774,0356 hours ago
2 mEdUsA Immortals72757,06614 hours ago
3 ChristinaElizebeth-72728,1463 weeks ago
4 DarknessPhoenix DarknessEmpire72679,1594 months ago
5 AmmeltzYokoYoko Immortals72642,2382 days ago
6 CLIFF Keledek72641,01622 hours ago
7 MaxxXValhalla72598,3561 hour ago
8 DarknessDragon DarknessEmpire72547,2454 months ago
9 MR48-72544,7632 months ago
10 VR46 Immortals72535,79617 minutes ago
11 AnsatsushaValhalla72499,48515 hours ago
12 XSHINX LevelingBranch72434,7573 months ago
13 KimKardashian Keledek72433,5206 days ago
14 ToBeOrNotToBeLeveling72408,1723 weeks ago
15 YamamotoKazuoValhalla72376,1764 days ago
16 ShirouValhalla72364,16616 hours ago
17 Azuremist-72354,4072 months ago
18 RSpRoHeaL Keledek72344,83719 hours ago
19 mi-72337,4562 months ago
20 MD LevelingBranch72324,9142 months ago
21 MassacreConspiracy-72323,8213 months ago
22 ATMACA DarknessEmpire72316,9853 months ago
23 Rhun Immortals72311,69154 minutes ago
24 Malevolent Immortals72279,9342 weeks ago
25 AhJibGorValhalla72278,2222 hours ago
26 GULPEMPE Orange72265,69014 hours ago
27 HwoarangHero Death_Templars72259,3014 weeks ago
28 John_RockLeveling72257,71056 minutes ago
29 SuperPanda LevelingBranch71249,0923 weeks ago
30 NOMONEYNOH0NEYRest_In_Peace72243,6466 months ago
31 Rainn-72219,2992 months ago
32 ElainaLValhalla72217,23212 hours ago
33 SofiaMiracle72211,6344 months ago
34 fong967Valhalla72208,8583 days ago
35 AchValhalla71207,5982 days ago
36 ZeroMaX Keledek71205,5962 days ago
37 TianXianBaoBao Immortals72202,3012 weeks ago
38 CherryOnIce-70196,0805 days ago
39 IbladeI AFK™72195,1874 months ago
40 YoloMcSwagger-71188,8604 weeks ago
41 GG Familia™72187,6437 months ago
42 digi-72187,1183 months ago
43 ShorozValhalla72180,42721 hours ago
44 BoomBastiC-72180,1085 months ago
45 ThanatoS Immortals72180,1022 days ago
46 Ahmede_Xani-72179,5132 months ago
47 Vulpina-72179,0704 months ago
48 SSG08 AFK™72173,4894 months ago
49 iSapppStainnS PhisanggTeroxX™72172,5897 days ago
50 Megumi DarknessEmpire72171,4592 months ago
51 KenNy AFK™72171,3362 months ago
52 4Raju AFK™72165,0343 months ago
53 NotSoBad GodMode72165,0207 months ago
54 Lord_of_priest AFK™72160,1014 weeks ago
55 LazyMadafaker ChocoStarFish72153,8103 months ago
56 IMBAwArrioR LevelingBranch72149,8764 weeks ago
57 SHOOOOOOOWKillingsMyJob70149,3274 months ago
58 ISharpMageI AFK™71143,0543 weeks ago
59 LaughingGor Legendz™72142,2127 days ago
60 Genesls Immortals72140,44353 minutes ago
61 Kitty-72137,6444 months ago
62 DevilSlayer-72136,5762 months ago
63 SirKaoS-72135,6233 months ago
64 RulinG PhisanggTeroxX™72132,57617 hours ago
65 Nami DarknessEmpire71131,3114 months ago
66 JOE-72130,5833 days ago
67 SilverMania-71130,2593 months ago
68 KuttaL AFK™72130,0152 months ago
69 KARAOSMANOGLUEMO Orange72129,0582 hours ago
70 DermiyanLeveling72128,4596 days ago
71 UnnamedVenom-72126,3942 months ago
72 NobodyLovesMe Humanity72126,3746 months ago
73 inFamous Humanity72126,2408 months ago
74 VozWalker-72126,2182 months ago
75 Ameerz DayAndNight™72125,13020 hours ago
76 NoobAlwaysFlyValhalla72125,0752 days ago
77 Pokoyo PhisanggTeroxX™72123,5703 weeks ago
78 NaughtyJokerR Zouk_Club™72123,4233 months ago
79 Abivso Immortals72123,2742 days ago
80 kuffmanLeveling72123,2623 weeks ago
81 Amadeus-72123,0064 months ago
82 MAHSER-72122,1454 weeks ago
83 BolaLuDepanLuKing Keledek72121,5742 weeks ago
84 Xidaz-72121,2904 weeks ago
85 Thirteen-72120,6492 months ago
86 MrWoof Death_Templars72120,1044 weeks ago
87 RaizeL-71119,0914 months ago
88 Yes Karus72118,7882 months ago
89 OberynMartell-72117,1006 months ago
90 AbuAzrael-72116,3227 months ago
91 _HULK_ DarknessEmpire72115,3933 weeks ago
92 GhostOfPain HereComesTheBoom71112,6529 months ago
93 PinG-71110,8872 months ago
94 Qifays LevelingBranch72110,3295 hours ago
95 FX Immortals72110,1525 days ago
96 MountainKingFX LevelingBranch72109,1302 weeks ago
97 TheLivingLegend Keledek72108,8856 days ago
98 GromHellScream-71108,5114 months ago
99 TheMaster Legendz™72108,2142 days ago
100 Mei30 Keledek72107,8443 weeks ago
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