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The following is a list of the current top ranked players in the server. As symbols are reloaded on server restart, please note that symbol holders may not always be ranked in this list as per their symbol.

Karus | Global | El Morad

NameClanLevelNPLast updated
1 lazyhien PunaniLover™702,651,0002 hours ago
2 YosemiteSam PunaniLover™702,074,25227 minutes ago
3 elppiN PunaniLover™701,852,9901 hour ago
4 xXShinSeijyuroXx PunaniLover™701,532,75111 minutes ago
5 IbladeI PunaniLover™701,352,5951 hour ago
6 ALize SemerKand701,331,9742 hours ago
7 Batang PunaniLover™701,235,22235 minutes ago
8 Malevolent 1st_Mage_Regiment701,228,7883 weeks ago
9 RaffaelloGiovagnoli; PunaniLover™701,214,2682 days ago
10 maloc Legendary™701,190,8824 days ago
11 KaW Legendary™701,077,3487 hours ago
12 NoEnd Legendary™701,072,83214 minutes ago
13 eviLstealer Legendary™701,045,5093 days ago
14 ::VENOM:: PunaniLover™701,035,23112 minutes ago
15 BOZ Legendary™70948,4558 hours ago
16 ViceglacheL Legendary™70936,6656 hours ago
17 WoX 70913,3416 hours ago
18 King_of_Ottoman SemerKand70810,0996 minutes ago
19 time2payback PunaniLover™70807,52630 minutes ago
20 Clefairy Mesmerize™70761,0186 months ago
21 DarknessPhoenix Fr3nF0r3ver70753,6854 months ago
22 Lordxander 1st_Mage_Regiment70726,0115 months ago
23 93 Legendary™70721,4512 weeks ago
24 Charizard; MÅB0K™70717,8533 months ago
25 BabyIris PunaniLover™70709,18110 hours ago
26 STAGECREW BoycottIsraelProduct70685,6733 days ago
27 SaiyuRoN Mesmerize™70674,59410 months ago
28 WaK 70632,46910 hours ago
29 HKC 70630,0592 months ago
30 Cosinus Reborn™70622,4674 days ago
31 Cubone;-70621,5044 months ago
32 TazmanianDevil PunaniLover™70601,2425 hours ago
33 Genesls PunaniLover™70579,6137 hours ago
34 JuZMisSOhhO70555,9332 months ago
35 DarkPriest Smackdown70552,1704 days ago
36 ReIaRoxxor PunaniLover™70547,74010 hours ago
37 anniHILation PunaniLover™70534,4887 hours ago
38 _Tinkerbell_-70526,5463 weeks ago
39 lamMlchlyOFight_2_Round70517,9432 months ago
40 SharpSoniCPoop69513,76710 months ago
41 SteaDy 70507,3843 weeks ago
42 ironqp-70502,0334 months ago
43 XidazRoxxor-70497,4052 weeks ago
44 NurulAiniNCute-70491,9705 days ago
45 Ninetales; PokemonMasters™70477,16310 months ago
46 Nywyn Legendary™70472,7197 hours ago
47 Criminal Hardcore™70469,1955 days ago
48 IAmReIaRoxxor PunaniLover™70455,1562 days ago
49 xautumn Legendary™70446,2794 days ago
50 Show_Tim3_X PunaniLover™70439,3235 hours ago
51 TheComandante Secondary70438,42010 months ago
52 KenNyMcCormick 2nd_Mage_Regiment™70429,6307 minutes ago
53 MetalAnCirhanPiranha Reborn™70428,2522 hours ago
54 SUIQAST BoycottIsraelProduct70427,8432 days ago
55 VON SAMSENG69424,6303 months ago
56 McQie Legendary™70414,7646 hours ago
57 DarkslayerZ _seafarerslifeZ_70414,1033 months ago
58 Dexas-70409,4265 months ago
59 Kadazankillerba Family1st70403,3565 days ago
60 EMaxFTW Mesmerize™70400,73710 months ago
61 BigX Mesmerize™70398,0916 months ago
62 WW2 PunaniLover™70396,8853 days ago
63 clonex 70393,5992 months ago
64 ALotHasChangeD Legendary™70384,7707 hours ago
65 MILDMonrooe-70372,1256 days ago
66 TyroneBiggums-70368,779over a year ago
67 ExDeviL-70365,3594 days ago
68 _GhoStKiLleR_ _seafarerslifeZ_69361,4444 months ago
69 ec-70354,0634 hours ago
70 SharpMage 2nd_Mage_Regiment™70352,70817 minutes ago
71 Sylvester-70345,4335 hours ago
72 ZeroBlackHero-70343,2872 hours ago
73 ::GUNDALA:: Family1st70335,9846 hours ago
74 Acnologiia SemerKand70331,06512 minutes ago
75 FoghornLeghorn-70329,7124 weeks ago
76 SuxSixSyokSaxSickuu Legendary™70324,2217 hours ago
77 BillGates Fr3nF0r3ver69320,3476 months ago
78 LordGodo-70319,04811 months ago
79 GenesisBlackKnight70318,3732 weeks ago
80 lAMBadBadBoY-70317,3532 weeks ago
81 RUSTEME:ZAL BoycottIsraelProduct70315,45039 minutes ago
82 97 Legendary™70314,5413 days ago
83 Gato Legendary™70310,5985 hours ago
84 IAmEMax-70308,74311 months ago
85 Spyder333 PunaniLover™70308,3051 hour ago
86 ValkyrieXx Legendary™69306,1717 hours ago
87 YellowPages-70305,05911 months ago
88 wvvwwvvwwvvvvwwwvvww-70298,1543 weeks ago
89 GuiltyCrime BloodBrothers70296,487over a year ago
90 Insane Mesmerize™70289,2442 months ago
91 TeddyBear MARVELvsDC™70289,0525 months ago
92 Someone Legendary™70285,4852 days ago
93 Hellios NUSANTARA70284,5887 months ago
94 ::NurulAiniNCute::-70283,3085 days ago
95 DarknessDragon Fr3nF0r3ver70277,9644 months ago
96 SheeT BoycottIsraelProduct70277,7332 days ago
97 SexySquallz CoCoChanel70277,1818 months ago
98 Rhun-70275,63618 hours ago
99 0NIAdventChildreN70275,32722 hours ago
100 WuDi;-70274,5933 weeks ago
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