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The following is a list of the current top ranked players in the server. As symbols are reloaded on server restart, please note that symbol holders may not always be ranked in this list as per their symbol.

Karus | Global | El Morad

NameClanLevelNPLast updated
1 ChristinaElizebeth Legendary™72613,1214 hours ago
2 MR48 Legendary™72499,1771 hour ago
3 DarknessPhoenix DarknessEmpire72474,04517 hours ago
4 ToBeOrNotToBe Legendary™72418,2371 hour ago
5 DarknessDragon DarknessEmpire72384,5111 minute ago
6 aCx Legendary™72331,5622 hours ago
7 MD Zouk_Club™72306,9272 hours ago
8 XSHINX Legendary™72304,4452 hours ago
9 Wat3v4 Legendary™72294,2753 hours ago
10 BIG DarknessEmpire72288,8453 hours ago
11 SilverSurfer I_Am72279,6835 hours ago
12 ImBigZero Death_Templars72250,4144 hours ago
13 HwoarangHero Death_Templars72241,0902 hours ago
14 mEdUsALegendary72235,0892 hours ago
15 PotatoChips I_Am72233,12421 hours ago
16 N00B I_Am72226,2431 hour ago
17 NOMONEYNOH0NEY Zouk_Club™72223,07416 hours ago
18 YamamotoKazuo Legendary™72217,4322 hours ago
19 MassacreConspiracy I_Am72201,00927 minutes ago
20 CaptainHurricane I_Am72193,58823 minutes ago
21 Rainn Legendary™72188,3811 minute ago
22 GG Familia™72187,6435 hours ago
23 NurulaininCute Legendary™72186,6291 minute ago
24 Hokage_Ichigo Legendary™72182,67814 minutes ago
25 Rhun I_Am72182,6221 hour ago
26 BoomBastiC-72180,1082 months ago
27 YoloMcSwagger Legendary™70165,1913 hours ago
28 NotSoBad GodMode72165,0207 days ago
29 miLegendary72161,92415 minutes ago
30 Euthyrox; MoneyTalkz™72158,8822 weeks ago
31 4Raju MoneyTalkz™72158,81845 minutes ago
32 AhJibGorLegendary71158,0366 minutes ago
33 ReeLz I_Am72155,0031 hour ago
34 Sofia Legendary™72152,76923 hours ago
35 SHOOOOOOOWKillingsMyJob70149,3274 weeks ago
36 SuperPandaLegendary72149,0041 hour ago
37 NaughtyJokerR Zouk_Club™72144,4231 hour ago
38 SpikeKillerZ-72143,1927 days ago
39 Malevolent Death_Templars72143,13914 minutes ago
40 CherryOnIceLegendary72143,0042 hours ago
41 Nami DarknessEmpire71131,2548 hours ago
42 JOE-72130,5833 weeks ago
43 SirKaoS Legendary™72126,98711 hours ago
44 NobodyLovesMe Humanity72126,3242 months ago
45 inFamous Humanity72126,2404 weeks ago
46 MAHSER GodMode72123,3497 days ago
47 Genesls I_Am72122,3223 hours ago
48 KuttaL MoneyTalkz™72120,06610 hours ago
49 IbladeI MoneyTalkz™72119,6581 hour ago
50 Pokoyo Legendary™72119,4395 hours ago
51 ATMACA DarknessEmpire72118,91720 minutes ago
52 Xidaz-72117,84557 minutes ago
53 FatMan_Sc00p MoneyTalkz™72117,0214 hours ago
54 Lord_of_priest MoneyTalkz™71116,68133 minutes ago
55 OberynMartell-72116,6182 weeks ago
56 AbuAzrael-72116,3224 days ago
57 ZeroMaX Legendary™72115,7241 hour ago
58 Amadeus Legendary™72115,5459 hours ago
59 SilverMania Legendary™71115,1966 hours ago
60 IMBAwArrioRLegendary72113,2121 hour ago
61 GhostOfPain HereComesTheBoom71112,6522 months ago
62 Attila-72106,96333 minutes ago
63 digi Legendary™72106,58318 minutes ago
64 PinG Legendary™71103,6494 hours ago
65 GULPEMPE DarknessEmpire72101,7943 hours ago
66 Videex GodMode72100,3572 weeks ago
67 Helper DarknessEmpire72100,1243 days ago
68 LittlePooHBeaR Legendary™7299,92413 minutes ago
69 GromHellScream I_Am7199,28913 hours ago
70 Hattab HeavyTurks™7299,2814 days ago
71 VozWalker Death_Templars7297,5914 hours ago
72 MrWoof Death_Templars7297,2792 days ago
73 John_RockLegendary7296,74711 hours ago
74 ISharpMageI MoneyTalkz™7295,94015 minutes ago
75 4Odi-7191,9452 months ago
76 Jno GodMode7289,8266 days ago
77 Equinox Reign7289,4712 weeks ago
78 Ashina HeavyTurks™7188,2412 days ago
79 XVR Zouk_Club™7287,8814 days ago
80 VampireFightinG7287,42511 hours ago
81 Turtle GodMode7287,2652 months ago
82 ZuuuLs Reign7284,5032 weeks ago
83 NoobAlwaysFlyLegendary7284,1813 hours ago
84 Petarda Humanity7183,9112 months ago
85 CyValenTinSLegendary7283,6202 days ago
86 PintuGengHEROOO Zouk_Club™7182,8552 weeks ago
87 MaDx3 GodMode7282,4232 weeks ago
88 GregorClegane GodMode7281,7402 months ago
89 uRb4llz Legendary™7280,3455 hours ago
90 Mei30 I_Am7280,3044 hours ago
91 Kitty I_Am7179,4024 hours ago
92 Ameerz MoneyTalkz™7277,8669 minutes ago
93 Exclusive HeavyTurks™7275,8005 weeks ago
94 Fatih_Sultan_Mehmet GodMode7275,7362 days ago
95 lSonsOfAnarchyl MoneyTalkz™7274,20517 minutes ago
96 DovahkiiN MoneyTalkz™7074,0792 days ago
97 Megumi DarknessEmpire7272,9753 minutes ago
98 FingolfinValinoR7172,8933 weeks ago
99 DarknessBeast DarknessEmpire7272,8092 weeks ago
100 Lacus_Clyne-7069,9758 minutes ago
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