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The following is a list of the current top ranked players in the server. As symbols are reloaded on server restart, please note that symbol holders may not always be ranked in this list as per their symbol.

Karus | Global | El Morad

NameClanLevelNPLast updated
1 GhostOfBulba HereComesTheBoom72190,2862 hours ago
2 BoomBastiC Familia™72158,6606 hours ago
3 Robo HereComesTheBoom70139,9979 hours ago
4 lAmYuzu LastZero™72119,2824 minutes ago
5 GhostOfPain HereComesTheBoom71112,53510 hours ago
6 NobodyLovesMe HereComesTheBoom72102,6798 hours ago
7 4Odi HereComesTheBoom7191,2909 hours ago
8 Petarda HereComesTheBoom7080,02610 hours ago
9 XSHINX LastZero™7277,56010 hours ago
10 MR48 LastZero™7266,8727 hours ago
11 GG Familia™7266,56132 minutes ago
12 Wat3v4 LastZero™7266,53218 hours ago
13 Lord_of_priest ExtremeLeaderTeam7265,5627 hours ago
14 inFamous HereComesTheBoom7263,3654 hours ago
15 SteaDy LastZero™7261,7074 hours ago
16 NotSoBad GodMode7259,60552 minutes ago
17 KuttaL ExtremeLeaderTeam7256,7716 hours ago
18 ELT_TheLeader ExtremeLeaderTeam7255,6794 days ago
19 IamNiNe ExtremeLeaderTeam7253,73318 minutes ago
20 ChristinaElizebeth LastZero™7253,00010 minutes ago
21 ELT_Chieff ExtremeLeaderTeam7148,3537 hours ago
22 Revy w00t7247,46510 minutes ago
23 OberynMartell GodMode7144,78511 minutes ago
24 ProfesorSnape HereComesTheBoom7044,29612 hours ago
25 Xidaz LastZero™7244,06711 hours ago
26 4Raju ExtremeLeaderTeam7243,24017 minutes ago
27 Amadeus LastZero™7140,86110 hours ago
28 MrBIERRRRRVenuM7240,4543 hours ago
29 ZS Resurrection™7240,4413 hours ago
30 Battlebra LastZero™7139,85810 minutes ago
31 MAHSER GodMode7239,8552 hours ago
32 ZuuuLs HereComesTheBoom7239,2589 hours ago
33 ImBigZeroBlack_Templars7238,3573 hours ago
34 ziiNc LastZero™7137,80812 hours ago
35 DarknessPhoenix LastZero™7137,4629 hours ago
36 CheltoCherolex Resurrection™7136,8538 minutes ago
37 GraziaRusvon GodMode7136,0531 hour ago
38 LordFoivord Familia™7135,7646 hours ago
39 DarknessDragon LastZero™7135,67957 minutes ago
40 Nami Familia™7135,6026 hours ago
41 GregorClegane GodMode7234,3283 hours ago
42 Videex GodMode7234,2232 hours ago
43 BattleSpendeR LastZero™7134,2221 hour ago
44 Equinox HereComesTheBoom7234,1212 hours ago
45 SSG08 ExtremeLeaderTeam7133,5677 hours ago
46 Ricoo-7132,8213 days ago
47 NoobAlwaysFly w00t7232,17517 minutes ago
48 aCx LastZero™7131,81321 hours ago
49 YamamotoKazuo LastZero™7231,8105 hours ago
50 K20 Resurrection™7131,26017 hours ago
51 ERGENEKON HeavyTurks™7131,2335 hours ago
52 SuperPanda w00t7131,08413 minutes ago
53 ISwearSh3Was16 HereComesTheBoom7030,9962 hours ago
54 FeelMyWrath aHi7230,88053 minutes ago
55 Fingolfin aHi7229,8209 hours ago
56 King_of_Ottoman ExtremeLeaderTeam7129,2902 days ago
57 Cruel_WarLord HeavyTurks™7228,9293 hours ago
58 C7 w00t7228,5332 hours ago
59 ExtacyWaoooW HeavyTurks™7028,1655 hours ago
60 Jno GodMode7127,52711 minutes ago
61 Hattab HeavyTurks™7227,4261 hour ago
62 Helper Familia™7227,1876 hours ago
63 MaDxQ GodMode7227,02323 minutes ago
64 EliteFour LastZero™7026,7668 minutes ago
65 JOEL0OVRE7226,5601 hour ago
66 noob Familia™7226,5234 minutes ago
67 FFSBlack_Templars7225,7316 minutes ago
68 Fatih_Sultan_Mehmet GodMode7025,6843 hours ago
69 Marv GodMode7125,1953 hours ago
70 ELT_JimiHendrix_ELT ExtremeLeaderTeam7224,7634 hours ago
71 NurulaininCute LastZero™7224,3886 minutes ago
72 DovahkiiN ExtremeLeaderTeam7124,3604 minutes ago
73 VheedriS GodMode7224,0293 hours ago
74 NSCxKaMiKaZE-7123,7777 days ago
75 CyValenTinSFreedoM™7123,67450 minutes ago
76 Ushkaka LastZero™7223,32210 hours ago
77 MINOOOOR Familia™7123,04411 minutes ago
78 Mat HereComesTheBoom7223,0292 days ago
79 C4LCH3X4S LastZero™7222,58816 minutes ago
80 R1sk-7222,0096 hours ago
81 GrayWolf GodMode7221,3862 hours ago
82 FridayThe13th LastZero™7121,2203 hours ago
83 Albert GodMode7221,0962 hours ago
84 theBeast LastZero™7120,80814 minutes ago
85 RoCCo Resurrection™7120,3899 hours ago
86 AryaStark GodMode7019,8815 minutes ago
87 SirKaoSLastZero™7219,3407 hours ago
88 ELT_JamesDean_ ExtremeLeaderTeam7219,3126 days ago
89 EliteOne LastZero™7119,1308 hours ago
90 ShellCriminaL™7118,49413 minutes ago
91 1StyleSERVICE-7218,40621 hours ago
92 Hokage_Ichigo LastZero™7218,2583 hours ago
93 MrK LastZero™7118,17712 minutes ago
94 MuffinTop HereComesTheBoom7117,0132 days ago
95 GULPEMPE aHi7216,7071 hour ago
96 Z3X_ Resurrection™7116,4903 hours ago
97 SpikeKillerZ LastZero™7116,3737 minutes ago
98 ERobzTheLastRide™7115,8766 hours ago
99 MalevolentBlack_Templars7215,7842 days ago
100 KingBluekey Familia™7115,7612 hours ago
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